MEET our trainees

We never have a shortage of doctors keen to tell others about their outstanding medical training experiences and the fantastic quality of life they experience here in the North East and North Cumbria.

You can find your place in histopathology as the specialty has something for everyone!

Emmy Abu

I promise that you will find your place here in the North East and North Cumbria.

Alisha Gupta

In the North East, I’ve found world-class medicine meeting nature’s serenity, shaping not just my career but a cherished second home.

Amy Belfield

The North East offers not just a career path but a holistic journey.

Ashleigh McMaster

Gastroenterology it’s a lot more varied as you have many different organs which you look after.

Jeevan Barn

The programme is so balanced. Depending on what you choose, your programme will be tailored to you.

Amar Rajgor

Operating on broken bones is fascinating to me, being able to put people back together is very fulfilling.

Milo Kostusiak

Getting a post in respiratory is a standout moment for me. Working with the teams I looked up to when starting out is a dream come true.

Peter Ireland

Specialising in Cardiology enables me to provide people with so many excellent options.

Paul Galaway

We have hospitals that can compete with the best in the world.

James McCaslin

We are hugely supportive of each other. We’re really friendly and we welcome everybody.

Julie James

I couldn’t have imagined having a better experience.

Kate Coombes

There is something very special about this place.

Bunmi Arogunmati

It’s an amazing career and a great place to train.

Kerry Waterfield

I couldn’t have asked for a better trust for my foundation years

Kym Merritt

The people are much more friendly up north!

Ross Huddlestone