North Tees and Hartlepool

NHS Foundation Trust

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust provides acute and community services for around 400,000 people across Hartlepool, Stockton and parts of Easington and Sedgefield. It employs around 5,500 staff.

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North Tees and Hartlepool Hospital Sites

1. University Hospital of North Tees

2. University Hospital of Hartlepool

3. Peterlee Community Hospital

The trust has been commended for and regularly receives glowing reports on the quality of its training and the support given to doctors in training.

Medical training with North Tees & Hartlepool

The trust offers 195 junior doctor posts covering all levels of recognised training from foundation programme to core, speciality and general practice. The foundation programme currently offers 42 F1 posts and 46 F2 posts, with 107 posts available in core, run through, ACCS, general practice and higher training.

​Every year medical trainees give very positive feedback about their time at our trust. They comment on the friendly and supportive community atmosphere and the hands on experience they are given. Our staff really value medical trainees who work here and are committed and dedicated to helping with their development.

Training posts are available in medicine (general medicine, acute, cardiology, gastroenterology, geriatric medicine, respiratory medicine, stroke medicine, haematology and endocrinology and diabetes), anaesthetics, emergency medicine, surgery, paediatrics, trauma and orthopaedics, urology, radiology, obstetrics and gynaecology, histopathology and occupational health. Academic posts are also available.

Some foundation programme rotations are outside of the trust; F1 and F2 posts in psychiatry, with F2 posts in community paediatrics and the eating disorders unit at Darlington and nine local GP placements for F2s.

The trust has a state-of-the -art simulation suite and sim family (mum, dad, children and babies) to enable trainee doctors to experience realistic scenarios and appreciate the human factors which can affect their responses in emergency situations. Sim training is done in a positive and constructive way, providing a very safe learning environment for trainee doctors.

“Really good experience with good variety of rotations. Very well supported in the areas I worked”

“Great support from supervisors and education team”

“Sim sessions are excellent”