Research in the NHS course

It is a requirement of many training programmes that trainees undertake a research methodology training. This programme is aimed at giving trainees a greater understanding of basic research skills and how to develop those skills further, as well as a better understanding of the Clinical Research Network and how research happens in the NHS. It will also give you an insight into clinical research careers and the further opportunities available to you including the Associate Principal investigator scheme and the research competency assessment. This course was commissioned by HEENE and is developed, delivered and in collaboration with Newcastle University and Clinical Research Network: North East and North Cumbria.

This research training  is currently delivered as part of a face to face and more recently due to COVID as a virtual two day course.

This course can be booked through this link.

Professor Richard Bellamy, Megan Clark and Olamide Orimoloye explain what they have learned from the course.