Recruitment to clinical trials

There are lots of clinical trials going on across our region and in all specialities – so there are plenty of opportunities for trainees to get involved and stuck in!

To recruit to clinical trials, you need to complete good clinical practice training (available on NIHR Learn) and complete training delivered by the study team or principal investigator at the study site. Access to NIHR Learn is openly available to staff who work for the NHS, UK universities and other publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research. You will need to create a free account using your NHS or University email account to access the learning content. Also see our information on the GRANULE course here.

It can be quite difficult to know what studies are going on in which trusts. If you are interested in taking part in patient recruitment contact your hospital’s research and development teams who should be able to give you more information. We have also compiled a list of clinical trials in the North-East who would consider having trainee doctors and dentists as recruiters. Please follow this link to an regularly updated list that can be sorted by specialty or hospital.