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INCEPT (clINical aCademia E-learning PlaTform) is a tailor-made online resource for academic careers, statistics and research methods. INCEPT is a joint venture between the University of Edinburgh and Student Audit and Research in Surgery (STARSurg) collaborative. We want INCEPT to #opendoors to allow you to better explore and understand research and clinical-academia wherever you are, and ultimately make these more inclusive and accessible. Three free courses are available:

It’s All Academic – This module will cover everything you need to know to get involved in research and pursue a clinical-academic career.

Studying Design – This module will cover the core stuff you need to know to about study design for critical appraisal & doing them yourself.

Significant Statistics -This module will cover the core stuff you need to know to about how to do & understand common statistics in research.

NIHR Learn

NIHR Learn offers multiple online training and learning. Access to NIHR Learn is openly available to those who work for the NHS, UK universities, and other publicly funded organisations conducting and supporting clinical research. Courses include Good Clinical Practice (GCP) which is required by most studies to recruit to trials and also by most specialty training programmes to complete training requirements before becoming a consultant. Find out more here.

NIHR Learn course index – free account log in required

Mass Open Online Courses (MOOC)

University of Leeds

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The National Institute of Health Research in conjunction with the University of Leeds Digital Education Service and Futurelearn, have created two Massive Open Online Courses. The courses are free and they run multiple times during the year.

They include:

What is Health Research? – During this three week course you will explore the world of health research and the role volunteers play in transforming treatments and improving healthcare.

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research – During this four week course you will find out how medical treatments are discovered, tested and evaluated to improve healthcare for all.