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We offer a highly structured learning programme and each rotation has been carefully thought through to ensure that our pre-reg trainees can apply and consolidate their learning whilst building new knowledge. 

What we offer

 Rotations are matched across the Trust so that, as far as possible, all trainees are covering the same speciality at the same time.  In house teaching topics are also timetabled to coincide with clinical rotations to maximise learning. 


As a pre-reg trainee with us you’ll rotate through the following specialities:


  • medical admission unit

  • respiratory

  • orthopaedics and general surgery

  • cardiology

  • endocrinology

  • gastroenterology

  • care of the elderly

  •  ITU and CCU.


In addition, you will also have the opportunity to spend time at our neighbouring mental health provider (Tees, Esk & Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust), as well as a two week cross sector placement in innovative independent pharmacies. 

Dispensary time builds skills throughout the year starting with safe and accurate dispensing and moving through accuracy and clinical checking.  Aseptics and haematology are covered on a five week placement at Darlington Memorial Hospital.


Exam success rates

Our summer exam pass rate in the pre-registration exam from 2016 – 2018 ( three years) is 100%’

How many roles are available and where are they based?


We currently employ four pre-registration pharmacist trainees - two of these are based at the University Hospital of North Durham and two are based at Darlington Memorial Hospital.


What makes us special?

Our friendly and talented team comprises over 120 staff.  We have around 50 pharmacists working across the main hospital sites and take huge pride in the quality of our training. 


Working with a partner pre-reg and supported by the ward supervisor, you will have your own clinical case load from the outset, allowing you to develop your clinical decision making skills.  Duties such as clinical checking in the dispensary and aseptics, audit and self-assessment exercises will further develop your confidence and core competences. Training is complemented by regular training days, directed reading and study time.  Extensive support is provided by the tutor team to ensure that students meet competencies and pass the final exam.


The quality of our training is constantly reviewed and feedback from trainees is actively sort and used to further improve the training experience.

Job opportunities


Many of our previous pre-registration pharmacists choose to continue to develop their careers within the trust after registration.  We currently have our ex pre-registration pharmacists in band 6, 7 and 8a roles. 


Training for our pre-reg pharmacists does not end on qualifying, we actively support our pharmacists through our internal training programme, as well as providing access to further qualifications including the clinical pharmacy diploma, clinical skills, independent prescribing, management & teaching courses .

In practice, more than 80% of our pre-registration graduates remain with the trust to complete their three year foundation training programme that includes the completion of a Clinical Diploma at Sunderland University. This course includes advanced clinical and diagnostic skills along with an independent prescribing qualification.




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