Mickey Jachuck

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust

I truly believe that this is the best place in the world to be.

Dr Mickey Jachuck has been a Consultant Cardiologist at South Tyneside District Hospital since 2011. Born and brought up in Newcastle upon Tyne, Dr Jachuck moved away to live in London whilst at university and then completed his medical training in the East Midlands. He was quick to return to his roots to take up his new consultant post in South Tyneside. 


He said: “I settled in really quickly after starting as a consultant here. It is a small but friendly trust and you soon get to know everyone – from the porters to the chief executive – everyone is on first name terms with each other. ““Our cardiac cath lab has recently been refurbished and is now one of the most up to date in the country. We have also introduced new technology to offer remote monitoring for pacemakers and other implanted cardiac devices. These are two examples of how I’ve been able to develop the service during my time here, and I’m sure that things like this would have taken me much longer to achieve in a larger trust. ”


South Tyneside provides a number of training posts across different specialities and Mickey is a clinical and educational supervisor for cardiology speciality trainees.


“In the North East we have the ideal combination of excellent training centres together with enthusiastic and dedicated trainers across the region - covering a wide range of specialities and encompassing primary, secondary and tertiary care. “We have excellent feedback from our trainees about their experiences of living and training here and this is demonstrated by the fact that many choose to stay after completing their training, or (like me) return to the region after moving away.”


Mickey feels that the main reason for coming to the North East is the quality of life on offer and is delighted that he has been able to give his young family the chance to share the experiences he had himself when growing up in the region. “I truly believe that this is the best place in the world to be and would not want to live anywhere else. Everything you could ever want or need is within easy reach. We have stunning coastline, with beaches that are comparable to anything you could find in Australia - just not quite as warm! The Northumberland National Park offers a wide range of outdoor activities and pursuits on both land and water and there are also areas of great historical interest such as Hadrian’s Wall and Durham Cathedral.


The NewcastleGateshead quayside has been transformed over the past few decades into one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world. “I can’t recall many times when I’ve been into the city centre and haven’t bumped into someone I know. If you’re moving here from elsewhere, you won’t have to worry about making friends – our cities are large enough to offer everything you would expect, in terms of the arts and entertainment, from a modern 24 hour metropolis and yet small enough to never feel alone. “It was always an ambition of mine to return to the North East someday, and I feel extremely lucky to have been able to do so. If nothing else, it has given me the opportunity to get to St James’ Park more often and put my son through the same misery and frustration that I have had as an avid lifelong Newcastle United supporter!” 

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