FoSH and the CSH have teamed up with the eLFH team to produce 3 fantastic sustainable healthcare e-learning modules. They are all presented through key concepts and case reports. Sessions 1 and 2 are appropriate for all healthcare professionals.


1. Building a Net Zero NHS
An introduction to environmentally sustainable healthcare.

By the end of the session, learners will be able to:

  • Describe how the climate emergency affects health
  • Explain the relevance of the NHS Net Zero plan to their work
  • Identify case studies that reduce waste and pollution

2. Environmental Sustainability in Quality Improvement
Integrating environmental, social and financial considerations into quality improvement.

By the end of the session learners will be able to:

  • recognise sustainability as a domain of quality
  • describe how sustainability adds value to each step of a QI process
  • identify the steps for embedding sustainability into quality improvement
  • identify appropriate resources for undertaking a sustainable QI project

3. Environmental Sustainability in Dentistry
Applying environmental sustainability principles and practices to the dental setting.

Please note that this session is due to be available in 2022.

Each session can be completed in approximately 30 minutes. Certificates are available to download on completion of the sessions.