Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides community, mental health, specialist and children’s services across Cumbria, supporting people in their communities to live happier, healthier and more hopeful lives.

  1. The Carleton Clinic, Carlisle

  2. West Cumberland Hospital, Whitehaven

  3. Furness General Hospital, Barrow-in-Furness

  4. Westmorland General, Kendal




We offer unique challenges and opportunities for doctors training with us across our thriving urban centres to some of the remotest communities in mainland Britain – literally over the hills and far away!

Medical training with Cumbria Partnership

The trust employs around 3,500 staff and serves both urban and rural communities from Barrow to Brampton and the stunning Lake District. We offer unique opportunities for doctors training with us across our thriving urban centres to some of the most remote communities in mainland Britain – literally over the hills and far away!


Our training programmes for foundation year, GP and speciality trainees consistently perform high in survey evaluations such as GMC national training survey, Northern Deanery Foundation School and Speciality Schools. We pride ourselves on having a culture of learning and development with a strong organisational development focus, where medical education is understood, valued and able to speak with authority within the trust.


What our trainees say


Our trainees tell us they value the holistic approach we take to training and the personal touch they receive in their time with us. Coupled with the closeness of teams they know they are not just another trainee but a valued colleague.


Trainees rate highly the amount of support they get through quality supervision as well as in the moment clinical supervision. All our trainers have explicit job plans, meaning they are personally and routinely available, which our trainees have found invaluable.


Protected time – is protected


Our trainees are given a protected hour a week of developmental supervision aimed at solidifying development, increasing self-awareness and working on decision-making skills. The clinical leads are fully commit to ensuring all trainees attend their half day teaching by ensuring caseloads do not prevent trainees from learning.

Financial incentive

If you choose north Cumbria for your foundation or specialty training you can receive a £7,000 payment as part of the targeted enhanced recruitment scheme.


Skills development – not an optional extra


Medical education is well supported by quality teams, meaning trainees have the opportunity to undertake supervised quality improvement projects with real clinical impact, an important skill for all doctors.


We have introduced a medical education tutor and research portfolio that produces opportunities for educational research for trainees, improving the evidence-based medical education in CPFT and making genuine contributions to the educational literature.

Current and future developments


With some big changes underway to our health and care services, it’s an exciting time to join us and make a difference. We’ve been working closer with North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust for some time and are now looking at ways to formally join our organisations together.

We’re also working closer with our health and care partners in north and south Cumbria to develop integrated care. The North Cumbria Health and Care system was recently recognised by NHS England as part of the next wave of Integrated Care Systems.

We’re excited to be working closely with University of Central Lancashire to develop a new centre for remote and rural medicine later in 2018.




What our trainees say:

Rachael Eaton

I moved to the area because I wanted an improved work life balance, and I’ve definitely found that here. I’ve never worked somewhere quite like this, it definitely has a special place in my heart.

Cumbria is a unique and rewarding place to work and live. From my own experience as a speciality trainee at CPFT I have received brilliant training opportunities, ranging from clinical to management to research. I have always had excellent supervision and help with developing my career in a way that reflects both my training needs and my own clinical and non-clinical interests.

Sam Dearman, Director of Medical Education

With a real culture of learning and improvement, we aim to support our trainees to be the best doctor they can be. In my view North Cumbria has it all - a work-life balance with the opportunity to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and easy access to town and city life too.


Heather Marshall

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